WTH Healthcare Network FreshLoc Operational Overview

WTH FreshLoc Operational Overview

Operations – Critical Information Flow

FreshLoc measures temperature quality, safety and the integrity of equipment operation in all of a healthcare facility departments (Surgical Services, Pharmacy, Food Service, Laboratory). Quality alerts are managed by allowing operational personnel to react on a timely basis while safety alerts are handled on a priority basis, normally generated via pager alerts to front line personnel for immediate correction.

The FreshLoc system protects physical assets as well as perishable assets. Equipment operating out of specification is identified and notification sent first to the appropriate operational then maintenance personnel. Unanswered alerts are escalated and redirected to insure corrective actions are taken.

All of the operational information is summarized for various performance reports and information is available continuously online for ease in passing your healthcare inspections.

WTH FreshLoc Operational Overview