WTH Healthcare Network Hospice Center Temperature Monitoring

Critical Measurements

The WTH FreshLoc wireless temperature monitoring healthcare system is based upon tiny wireless sensors that transmit continuously. It automatically and continually collects data such as temperature, humidity and other measures via a unique secure Internet connection for automated JCAHO and other regulatory agency compliance.

In a given facility, FreshLoc sensors are arrayed and transmit wirelessly (for up to hundreds of feet) to a small reader / receiver which is connected to a gateway device allowing Internet connection.

With Internet connection, data is available for alerting and reporting via pager, fax, phone or email.

WTH Critical Measurements
WTH FreshLoc deploys several exclusive capabilities:
  • Unparalleled monitoring for maintenance as well as food quality and safety
  • Superior alerting capability based on smart technology – no false alarms
  • Robust wireless operation – even in high noise (EMI) environments
  • Automated Recordkeeping for a unique information flow designed around daily operations
  • Economical Solution to meet Risk Management Standards