WTH Healthcare Network, Inc. FreshLoc Overview

WTH FreshLoc Overview

WTH FreshLoc Overview

FreshLoc is a sensory network system providing cold chain quality control throughout the healthcare supply chain. It monitors mission critical equipment and assets for safety, operational savings and
JCAHO compliance.

The patented system is based upon tiny wireless sensors that transmit continuously. It automatically and continually collects data such as temperature, humidity and other measures via a secure Internet connection.

FreshLoc measures the entire healthcare chain, providing a single database view of:

  • Quality
  • Safety and
  • Equipment operation

WTH Healthcare offers a complete system or individual products and services. Hardware / firmware may be acquired or coupled with monitoring, reporting and alerting services. Investment options include capital expenditure or a flat monthly service fee permitting continuous upgrade of the software. WTH FreshLoc is the economical solution for all facilities.

This data is used to improve operations by:

  • Providing automatic record-keeping for regulatory compliance
  • Reducing loss from spoilage – providing early warning of equipment failure
  • Reducing maintenance costs – providing a predictive maintenance tool
  • Improving energy management
  • Eliminating personnel training costs
  • Reducing insurance costs