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HCS Infection Control Solutions

HCS Infection Control Solutions

Recently Bio0Medshield released a new product designed to drastically reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination of infectious agents found on patient hand-held devices. Do you have any idea of what can be on or inside of those hand-held devices? There is a potential for several microorganisms to be residing inside the device or within the cracks and crevasses.

The product is the CTD Shield and it can perform a duty yet to be seen in the world of infection control! This simple yet effective tool fits over most hand-held nurse-call devices and produces a protective barrier against bodily fluids, chemicals and other potentially hazardous contaminants; contaminants that normal housekeeping procedures cannot easily remove due to the many cracks, holes and crevasses found in most nurse-call hand-held devices.

The CTD Shield’s disposable non-latex polyurethane construction makes it both strong and easy to change. Also, because the device is covered, the need to expose it to potentially damaging cleaning agents is eliminated, increasing the life expectancy of the device. In the long run, this can mean money saved!

Please do not let the simplicity of this device take away from its value. Sometimes the simplest of products can have the most important impacts. Not only will this product provide protection to patients and staff, the mere presence of a protective device can offer comfort and a piece of mind.