Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

DesignerWebsites.us designs smart, appealing websites that attract viewers and can effectively convey your message so you gain the maximum results.

We focus on making websites that are user friendly without compromising aesthetic quality. Our websites incorporate solid graphic design skills, high-end programming, and cutting edge optimization techniques.

Your website's visual appeal and its ability to clearly communicate your message to your potential customers can make or break your online presence. Our dedicated team will produce a unique, tailored look for your website that will attract viewers to your business and make them want to find out more about what your site has to offer.

And while we understand the importance of website design we also understand that in order to make a powerful impression, a website has to be visible on the Internet. We design and develop websites that are optimized to be search engine friendly and thus quickly and consistently rank your pages higher than those of your competition.

We provide a full range of web design options starting with:

Standard 6-Page Web Site starting at $850

After an in-depth analysis of your needs, researching your target client we submit to you 2 designs for you to choose from.

After your approval of one of the designs we start developing your new web site.

During that time you have the option to take advantage of our E-mail Marketing service to introduce your new web site to your existing clients and drive significant traffic to your site the day it goes live.

Standard E-Commerce Web Site with shopping cart

Please call for a quote.

In addition to the services provided above, we will build a product and client management system and setup a store solution for your clients to conveniently purchase your products and services from anywhere in the world.

As with the non-Ecommerce web sites, you will be able to follow the progess by accessing your site on our testing server. Your continuous participation during the development allows us to respond to changes within hours and saves you time and money.

Database Web Site

Please call for a quote.

Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Registration (SER)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we would evaluate your website thoroughly and make necessary improvements to fully optimize the site for the desired keywords for the search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo!

In order for the Search Engines to see your website, it must be submitted to the search engines telling them that it is ready to be listed and viewed, this process is called Search Engine Registration (SER). This must be done monthly for optimal search engine rankings.

Website Statistics & Tracking

After Search Engine Optimization and Registration have been setup, Web Site Tracking Service & Search Engine Monitoring are available. Web stats will track your website and provide detailed information that includes how many visitors in a period, where they're coming from, who is visiting your website (IP address, region, ISP, browsers, etc.), top keywords/search engines, etc.

Maintenance and updating services on existing websites are also available. You can learn more about building an effective web site by viewing our Portfolio or by contacting us.

Please call with any questions regarding our services or pricing plans.

* All prices are in US dollars