Limited Editions
Limited edition prints are growing in popularity throughout the country, prompting many people to consider buying them for the first time. But what exactly does "limited edition" mean, and how can you be sure what you are buying?

Limited editions refer to an artist-controlled muber of prints reproducing an original work of art. The artist determines the size of the edition and once repoduction is complete, materials such as printing plates are destroyed in order to maintain authenticity and integrity. Every limited edition carries a number, which indicates thetotal number of prints made and the number of the editions being purchased (such as 15/90).

Each print also carries the artist's signature, with both authenticates each reproduction and confirms the artist's satisfaction with it. As a further guarantee of authenticity, pencil is used to number and sign each print, as pencil lead is far more difficult to replicated than ink.

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Print Making Techniques
Limited edition prints are normally produced using one of three specialist processes: offset-lithography, silkscreen and giclee. All three techniques require a close working relationship between the artist and the printmaker to ensure the highest quality reproduction of original oils, watercolors and pastels.

For more information on printing techniques, please ask for Dove's free brochure on "Print-Making Techniques" when you come into the gallery.


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