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Clip Art
Sample Flyers


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     It is important to have a professional look to any flyer that you give out or post somewhere.  We would like to aide you in the process of creating your flyers, so we have included some examples of flyers and clip art to use on them. These should help in the creative process.  Please feel free to use them as you wish.  

    If you choose to use the clip art the images are in a BMP format and can be imported into most any word processing or graphics program. The sample flyers you must have Corel Draw 7 or newer to open and edit them.

Remember a well done Flyer will reach out and grab someone's attention.  

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If you do not have Microsoft Word or a Graphics programs click on the programs button above.  There you find a link to a software seller that you will be able to purchase them at a reduced price.

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